Seller Help

Oracle Marketplace is a brand-new e-commerce platform connecting sellers to the wider market of buyers across the world. We focus on delivering consumers with a selection of independent product suppliers, procured for their cost and quality. We seek to provide the best shopping experience for consumers!

What charges are associated with selling on Oracle Marketplace?

Sellers on Oracle Marketplace are charged fees based on their product category. These fees are designed to cover the support services that we provide to ensure a successful selling experience. To learn more about the fees applicable to you, feel free to reach out to our support team.

At Oracle Marketplace, we understand that selling is a process that requires a lot of effort and resources. That's why we aim to provide you with the following services:

Marketing - We invest in various marketing channels and new business opportunities to increase your chances of success on our platform.

Technology - We believe in staying ahead of the curve, so we offer cutting-edge technology to our sellers to make running their store a breeze.

Account Management - Our experienced account managers are always available to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have.

Security - Security is a top priority at Oracle Marketplace. We implement strict fraud management measures to keep your personal information and transactions safe.

So, whether you are a seasoned seller or just starting out, you can count on Oracle Marketplace to provide you with the support and resources you need to succeed.

When does Oracle Marketplace pay sellers?

Orders processed with a Receiver Created Tax Invoice are eligible for payment 14 days after a valid tracking number has been provided. Payments are made on a weekly basis every Wednesday, and they include all eligible orders that have met the 14-day time frame. Remittance notifications for these payments may take 1-2 business days to be sent out.

In other words, payment will be made for all orders where the tracking number was provided 14 days ago or earlier. If tracking was added less recently than 14 days ago, the payment for those orders will be scheduled for the next payment cycle once they are eligible.

It's important to note that the payment process at Oracle Marketplace is automated. So, to ensure a smooth payment process, sellers should only provide a valid tracking number once the goods have been shipped. Failure to do so may cause disruptions in payment processing.

Is the customer payment made directly to the seller?

All sales processed through Oracle Marketplace are paid for by the customer and collected by us. Once you have dispatched your order and it has passed the validation period, payments will be released to you through the payment details that you have provided to us. The customer does not make payment directly to the seller.

Who should I contact about payment issues?

If you have any questions or concerns about payments, you can submit a request and set the "Seller Enquiry type" to "Payments/Invoice Enquiry." This will ensure that your inquiry is directed to the appropriate team for prompt resolution.

How can I change my bank information for payments?

Updates to personal information, such as bank details, can only be made by the main contact person associated with the seller account. Before making any changes, please get in touch with the Oracle Marketplace team.

We will verify your request and ask you to fill out a form, followed by a phone verification with the main contact person assigned to the account. This process is necessary to ensure the security and accuracy of your information.

To submit your request, please click here and set the enquiry type to "Account Administration Enquiry." Our team will then reach out with the necessary documentation.

What measures does Oracle Marketplace take to prevent fraud?

At Oracle Marketplace, we employ advanced algorithms and cutting-edge technology to verify orders before they are sent to sellers.

This ensures that all orders received from us can be fulfilled with confidence. In the unlikely event that an order is found to be fraudulent after it has been shipped, Oracle Marketplace will cover the associated costs, provided proof of delivery is provided.

If you have any concerns or questions about fraud prevention, please refer to our article on order verification.

How is the "Monthly Sales" metric in the seller dashboard calculated?

The "Monthly Sales" figure displayed on the home tab in the seller dashboard is calculated based on the sales made in the last 30 days from the date of viewing. It's important to note that this metric takes into account any refunds and orders that may not yet be eligible for payment. For a more accurate overview of your payments, please refer to the "Payments" tab within the Oracle Marketplace portal.

What payment options are available to sellers on Oracle Marketplace?

Oracle Marketplace offers sellers two payment options: payment into a nominated bank account or payment via PayPal. Additionally, international sellers are able to nominate payment to an international bank account.

Where can I find information regarding my payments on Oracle Marketplace?

Payment information can be found on the Payments tab in the Oracle Marketplace Portal. Here, you have access to all of your remittance notices, which can be downloaded in either PDF or CSV format for each invoice.

This tab includes all remittances for the last 6 months. Additionally, a monthly accounting report is sent to the email address designated under the Accounting Notification Emails for your account. For payment information prior to 2022, you can submit a request through the Oracle Marketplace support channel.

How do I check the payment status of an order?

You can find information on the payments made for your orders by visiting the Payments tab in the Marketplace Portal. From there, you can download detailed information on each invoice in PDF or CSV format.

As an alternative, you can check the payment status of an order by accessing the marketplace portal and locating the order. In the "Status" column, you can see if the order has been marked as "Paid". If it is, the corresponding invoice number will also be displayed.

If you have any concerns about the accuracy of your transaction fee, please get in touch with us through this link.

When submitting your enquiry, please make sure to select 'Payments/Invoice' as the enquiry type, and provide as much detail as possible, including the dates of the transactions in question and the amounts involved. Our team will assist in investigating the discrepancy and provide a resolution as soon as possible.

Should I set my prices with GST included or excluded?

Sellers on the Oracle Marketplace should always set their prices with GST included. This means that the prices for both products and shipping should already include the Goods and Services Tax. If for any reason you have provided prices that are exclusive of GST, it's important to reach out to Oracle Marketplace by submitting a request through the designated link. This way, the necessary adjustments can be made to ensure your prices accurately reflect the inclusion of GST.