Seller Hub

What is Oracle Marketplace?

Founded during the height of the 2020-2021 coronavirus pandemic, Oracle Marketplace is Australia’s newest entrant into online marketplaces. We provide Australian consumers with a selection of Australia’s best independent product suppliers, procured for their cost and quality. Whether it is everyday home products to luxury items, we exist to connect buyers to sellers.

What sets us apart from competitors?

As a customer-centric organisation, Oracle Marketplace focuses on a customer-first approach. To achieve this, we provide a beautiful experience for shoppers, while creating a classy online shopping centre for our vendors to thrive. We achieve this through our 24/7 seller support team who will accompany you from integration through to marketing. Our team of developers and markets are looking to significantly improve the way online marketplaces operate transparently.

How do I become a seller on Oracle Marketplace?

There are several eligibility criteria you must fulfil before you pass our selection methods which have been put in place to ensure the best experience for our customers. First and foremost, we require you to have a track record of selling products of high quality. Secondly, there must be a quality control process in place, where you have been proven to implement a customer resolution process which leaves your customers happy and satisfied with your product. Your past matters here.


We are a tech-driven business which understands the power of internet traffic. Although we are an Australian-based business with predominately Australian vendors, our aim is to help you expand beyond the domestic market to capture international sales traffic. This is achieved firstly through our extensive network of suppliers, manufacturers, and global partners. Take advantage of our experience and join now to watch your sales be boosted. The cost is lower than you’d think.

Our pricing is simple. There is a monthly subscription fee of $XX covering administration fees. However, this is waived for the first 3 months upon joining, so there is zero risk for you. You may cancel at any time during this free trial period for no cost. Upon making sales, we take a minor fee depending on the product you sell.
Marketing Spend
A large part of our business is focused upon providing digital marketing spend for our vendors. This means that your subscription fees also act as advertisement fees as we aim to grow our website through greater internet traffic. We help you develop SEO friendly product pages to convert page views to sales.
Our Platform
The Oracle Marketplace platform is a design-focused platform which not only attracts buyers from across the globe but provides a highly capable dashboard allowing our sellers to track metrics from click to cart to sale. Our website enables selling with ease, while our support team will help you get set up in our system.
Third Party Integration
As a seller, you have the choice of integrating your website into our platform to facilitate smooth sales and consolidated reporting. Through API integration, we can connect to third parties such as Shopify and WooCommerce, which is designed to make your seller experience all the simpler.


Step 1: Apply for an Oracle Marketplace account

Visit our sign-up page and simply fill out your details to initiate the onboarding process. An Oracle Marketplace executive will then contact you to complete this process and to help you get all set up.

Step 2: Design your online Oracle Marketplace seller page

Our customer support team will guide you through our seller page features to make your online store stand out. We help sellers make their listings bold and beautiful through design assistance and marketing advice. This will not only allow you to start listing your products, but ensure you maximise the amount of hits your product listings receive and their subsequence conversions into sales.

Step 3: Sell, track, improve and grow your sales

Selling via Oracle Marketplace won’t only just provide income for you, it will provide data which you can track through your dashboard. This information allows you to adjust your listing to optimise various aspects of your marketing so you can grow your sales year after year. Our platform allows you to view financials to track both your income and expenses and provides for a great invoicing tool.


Oracle Marketplace is a brand-new website targeting explosive growth through digital marketing. This benefits all vendors selling on our platform as we seek to aggressively grow our website visitor statistics in this early phase of launch. As a vendor, you could implement additional marketing for your products specifically, through paid advertisements such as social media ads. We are seeking to partner up with our vendors to help manage their marketing spend, while our platform provides analytics and data to help sellers make informed decisions about how to pursue further growth.


As a vendor, you will be responsible for postage on our marketplace, ensuring your orders are shipped out to the customer in a timely manner. Tracking codes must always be provided so that both the seller and buyer can be held accountable for the information provided. Returns are at the cost of the buyer and must be accepted if the item is within return-worthy condition. Please refer our returns policy page for more details around this.

Oracle Marketplace facilitates payments for you so that you can get paid stress-free. All currencies are converted to AUD and deposited into your account in a timely manner. With extensive financial reporting capabilities, you’ll be able to track your revenue across time accurately. Our fraud review process further ensures your sales are protected, provided all standard procedures are followed.


The Oracle Marketplace dispute resolution centre is where we facilitate a discussion between buyer and seller where one believes the other has not held up their end of the deal. We take a process-oriented approach to resolving disputes, including viewing dates and tracking codes provided in a transaction. All disputes are handled by a real person to ensure the best outcomes can be achieved, as we exist to protect both the buyer and seller.